Civezzano - Historic Center

Alessandrini Palace

741 sqm

€ 570.000
Code: TN 01 MG-74/2024

In the Historic Center of Civezzano (TN) we sell part of “Palazzo Alessandrini” with surrounding land. The property compendium, which is entirely in need of restoration, consists of four above-ground floors and a basement floor totaling 741 square meters.

The restoration, with prior approval of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, allows the inclusion of a elevator and the construction of 4 residential units (a duplex unit of approx. 120 sqm, two four-room units of approx. sqm 125, a three-room unit of approx. sqm 90, each with a large cellar, large stube (total basement area sqm 185) and private parking space. The compendium has valuable historical elements, such as fragments of frescoes dating back to the 500′, decorated wooden wire covers, stone lintels and wooden floors.

Suitable for real estate developers with experience in Conservation Restoration.

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How to get to Civezzano di Trento

To reach Civezzano, you can follow different routes depending on your starting point. Here are some common options considering Trent as the main reference point:

By car: If you are starting from Trento, you can take the SS47 in a northeast direction and follow the signs for Civezzano. The distance is usually short, and the route should be well marked.

By train: Trent is well connected by rail services. You can take a train to Trento and then use local public transportation or a cab to reach Civezzano. Check train and local transportation schedules to coordinate your trip.

By bus: bus services often connect surrounding cities and towns. Check the schedules and routes of local buses that might take you to Civezzano.

By air: If you are traveling from afar, the most practical way might be to fly to a nearby airport, such as Verona-Villafranca Airport (VRN) or Bolzano Airport (BZO). From there, you can take a train or car rental to Trento and then follow the signs to Civezzano.

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