Povo - Trento

Povo Duplex sqm 121 Via alla Val



121 sqm


€ 570.000
Code: TN 01 AF-36/2023

In Povo, Via alla Val, we sell newly built residential unit “Duplex” (Energy Class “A+”) of a total of 121 square meters, located on the first and second/attic floor of the Residence “Povo 20.20”.

The residential unit, facing West/South/East, consists on the second floor: entrance hall, hallway, three bedrooms two bathrooms (one of which is windowed), a balcony, a terrace and staircase to second; on the second/attic floor: kitchenette, living room with access to terrace of sq. m. 31.

Optional garage at € 30,000.00 plus vat and basement at € 5,000.00 plus vat.

Possibility of choice of interior finishes. Planned delivery in December 2023.

Plans and technical construction report available in the office.

Information on the locality of Povo.

Povo is located on the northeastern hill of the city of Trent and is known for being home to theUniversity of Trent. In addition there is the seat of the Faculty of Engineering and other faculties with scientific research focus. It is to be considered the most sought-after residential area of the Trent Hill due to the presence of a large number of services and infrastructure.

If you wish to reach Povo from downtown Trent or other nearby locations, you can use various means of transportation:

  1. Car: From Trent, you can follow the directions to Povo. There are several roads leading to Povo, so it is advisable to use a navigation app or GPS system to guide you.
  1. Bus: You can take public buses from downtown Trent to Povo. Check local public transportation schedules and stops to choose the option that best suits your starting location.
  1. Bicycle: Trento is a very bike-friendly city, and many people choose to get around by bicycle. There are bicycle paths connecting the two areas.

Always remember to check public transportation schedules and consider traffic conditions before leaving. Information on schedules, routes, and transportation may vary, so it is advisable to consult up-to-date sources or navigation apps to get the latest and most accurate directions.

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